Bill Nilsson of Dearborn Heights, Michigan Bill Nilsson always dreamed of writing a big time musical. A native of Toledo, Ohio, Bill has been a Detroit area resident for 25 years.

As many people do, Bill put aside his love of music for decades as he pursued his career and raised a family. After his marriage to Mary Jane- a theatre and musical performer, he began to spend time attending theatrical performances. Bill became interested in writing an original musical after seeing so many of the same type of shows.

In addition to local theatre, Mary Jane took Bill to the Bingo Halls in Windsor. On his first visit, Bill won two jackpots. This plus the fact that the halls were filled with people from a variety of backgrounds lead Bill to include the theme of bingo in his script. Says Nilsson, "Bingo is a great game with plenty of interesting people. What attracts so many of us is that everyone has a chance to be a winner."

He began composing the music for Father Bingo in 1996. Nilsson's background in music, marketing and information technology provided him with many tools to draw on as part of developing the script and orchestration for Father Bingo.

Nilsson's melodic tones and his "Gershwin cord progression" will leave audiences singing and remembering his music long after they have left the theatre.

In 2003 after seven years of writing and composing, Bill received venture capital funding for his project.

The premier of Father Bingo on February 10, 2006 proves that with determination and vision, dreams do come true.


Andrew Ingersoll

Musical Arranger and Orchestrator is Andrew Ingersoll. Schooled at the University of Surrey in Guildford UK. He holds a Masters of Music from the distinguished program from whence he graduated with honors and was a Member of the University Chamber Choir. The Canton native received his bachelors at Michigan State University. He has served as accompanist with Michigan Opera Theatre. Ingersoll has many years of specialized music training and experience with the national touring productions of shows such as Footloose, Titanic and Music Man.

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