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Father Bingo- a musical comedy about risks and miracles- makes its world premiere with a limited engagement of four performances at Detroit's Music Hall Center, February 10-12, 2006.

In Father Bingo everyone is looking for salvation. A parish priest fights to save his church and rejuvenate the congregation. A mayor tries to win the hearts of the voters in support of gambling- his idea of the city's winning ticket. A woman searches for the perfect match to end her loneliness.

Everyone believes the next number to come up is theirs. The characters take on risks- some with comical outcomes. The stakes are raised with the introduction of Bingo- one of the most popular games in the world - personified by The Bingo Mamas- played by the Original Vandellas.

Overseeing these foils is the Big Guy Upstairs. When political intrigue and mistaken identity come into play, even God has to smile watching these mortals figure it all out.

For those who love bingo or musical comedy and for all of us who believe that we have the chance to be a winner - the odds have it that Father Bingo is the ticket next season.